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  • Designing a Porch That Fits :

    A remodeler talks about designing and building a porch that does more than keep out the rain.

  • EIFS Performance Review

    A hard look at soft-coat EIFS by two consulting engineers who have spent years studying the material.

  • Keeping Track of Overhead

    A builder describes his method for tracking and recouping his overhead expenses.

  • Low-Cost Metal Roofing

    A metal roof specialist describes how to select the right agricultural-style roof panels for residential use.

  • New From Canada: Icynene Insulation

    A professor of building technologies tries a new Canadian insulation and reports on the results.

  • To Paint or Stain?

    In the can, exterior paints and stains look much the same, but on the house, the difference in performance can be dramatic. Here’s how to pick your finish.





  • Q&A: Strength of 2x4 vs. 2x6 Walls

    Q: Is there any structural difference between a wall framed with 2x4s 16 inches on-center and a wall with 2x6s 24 inches on-center?

  • Q&A: Attic Condensation Problem

    Q: Last winter, the tenants on the north side of a new duplex we built complained of heavy condensation in the attic. Water dripped on the north side of the attic floor from the underside of the roof sheathing, but nothing like this happened on the south side. The attic is very large, and it is...

  • Q&A: Perimeter Drain Placement

    Q: What is the best place to run perimeter drains — along the top of the footing, to help keep water out of the cold joint between the foundation wall and footing, or at the base of the footing?







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