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  • Low-Profile Ridge Vents

    The Journal takes a close-up look at the installation and performance of the new breed of shingle-over ridge vents.

  • A Practical Guide to Kitchen Lighting

    A kitchen remodeler outlines how to choose bulbs and fixtures and where to place them to make your kitchens bright and functional.

  • Remodeling for Accessibility

    A remodeler shares tips on how to remodel for the elderly and handicapped without spending a fortune.

  • Building a Rooftop Deck

    A contractor tells how he detailed outdoor living space on a flat roof to protect the building below.

  • Subbing Out Everything

    This $2 million remodeler tells how she maintains quality workmanship and good customer service with no tradesmen on payroll.

  • When the Cut Goes Beyond 45

    A framer gives a quick lesson on how to cut bevels for steep rake walls and special rafter details.





  • Q&A: Sub-Sidewalk Seepage

    Q: I am working on a house with a leaky walk-out basement. The house is surrounded by a sidewalk on the three sides above the walkout, and water seems to be seeping through the control joints in the sidewalk into the basement. How can the joints be sealed to stop the leaks?

  • Q&A: Mitered Wood Siding Detail

    Q: I am remodeling in a development in which the houses all have mitered outside corners on beveled siding. How can I match this detail without inviting failure?

  • Image

    Q&A: Underlayment For Shakes

    Q: What underlayment should I use under cedar shakes?








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