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  • A Second Story in Five Days

    The roof came off, the second story went up, and the roof went back on — all in less than four hours. The contractor on the job tells how he did it.

  • Choosing Replacement Windows

    When it’s time to get rid of old, leaky double-hung windows, replacement kits and units are a cost-effective option. Here’s what’s available.

  • Framing a Radius Stair

    An expert framer explains his straight-forward approach to building curved stairs.

  • Pocket Door Primer

    A look at the materials and techniques to use for a flawless pocket door installation.

  • Simple Interior Arches

    Elliptical arches add a graceful touch to any interior, and they’re not difficult with this tried-and-true method.

  • Straight Talk About Workers Comp

    Shocked at your rising premiums and baffled by the insurance doubletalk? Here’s how your bill is calculated and steps you can take to lower it.





  • Q&A: Scraping Shingle Siding

    Q: What is the best way to strip alligatored paint from shingle siding? Scraping is not working for us because it loosens many of the old shingles.

  • Q&A: Do Truss Plates Loosen

    Q: What happens to truss plate connectors as the wood truss members expand and contract with temperature and moisture changes? The prongs on the plate don’t seem to penetrate very deeply, and it seems as if they could work loose over time.

  • Q&A: Stains on Metal Roofs

    Q: A roof I installed has stains running down the steel standing-seam roofing below the skylights. What might be causing this and how can it be prevented?

  • Q&A: Stickering White Woods

    Q: I use a lot of rough-sawn 1x6 T&G pine siding. This often comes from the mill slightly green. What is the best way to dry and stabilize white woods so that no irregular coloring occurs from the stickers?








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