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  • Duct Design Basics

    Budget, climate, and construction details all influence duct design for heating and air conditioning. An hvac engineer explains how to choose a layout that guarantees client comfort.

  • Making Walls Watertight

    Siding sheds water, but it’s not waterproof. A wood construction expert warns against leaks caused by sloppy housewrap and flashing details, and shows how to do it right.

  • On Site With Parallam

    For long spans and heavy loads, parallel strand lumber is a good substitute for steel. The beams are dimensionally stable, come in a variety of standard sizes, and can be worked with ordinary carpentry tools.

  • elect-test.jpg (8756 bytes)

    Plug-In Electrical Testers

    Using an inexpensive tester, you can troubleshoot a miswired receptacle without even removing the cover plate.

  • Step by Step With Foam Forms

    Foam concrete forms are gaining popularity, both below and above grade. Three builders describe how to assemble three different systems: stackable blocks, large-core molds, and sheet forms.



  • Letters

    Whole-house ventilation, steel framing considered



  • Eight-Penny News

    Certified eco-friendly lumber, multifamily tax shelter threatened, CAD services, year-end tax checklist



  • Q&A: Painting PT Decking

    Q: Some of my customers want their pressure-treated decks painted, but I’ve had trouble getting paint to adhere well to pressure-treated wood. What’s the solution?

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    Q&A: Chimney Flashing for Metal Roofs

    Q: I have to flash a chimney where it penetrates a corrugated metal roof with ridges 8 inches o.c. What’s the solution?

  • Q&A: Exterior Foam and Moisture Problems

    Q: If I use foam insulation board on the exterior of a wood-framed building, will it cause condensation within the walls?






Kitchen & Bath


  • For What It's Worth

    Thermostatic crawlspace vent, new fiberglass-mat roofing paper, fold-up hearing protectors