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  • Fall Protection: Complying with OSHA's New Rules

    OSHA has finally realized that some of its fall protection rules are impractical for residential jobs. But to get a waiver, builders will have to improve training and supervision, and prepare detailed safety plans.

  • Leakproof Flashings for Masonry Chimneys

    Don’t take the easy way out when retrofitting flashing to an existing chimney. This proven technique from a veteran roofer locks the flashing in place for a watertight seal.

  • Membranes for Ceramic Tile

    Tile may shed water, but a tile job is not waterproof. A master tilesetter explains how to use trowel-applied and sheet membranes to protect against leaks.

  • Software for Builders That Works

    Every construction software package promises the world, but few deliver. Four contractors who’ve tried them all talk about the programs that work for their businesses.

  • Vented vs. Unvented Roofs: The Great Debate

    In a perfect world, air retarders and careful insulation details would keep moisture out of the roof. But real buildings are never perfect, and venting is still the safest approach, especially in cathedral ceilings.



  • Letters

    APA defends panel grading system, ready-mix radiant slabs



  • Eight-Penny News

    Modular and panelized techniques reduce costs, insulation contractors fight fluffing, beefy new connector resists uplift



  • Q&A: Air Nail Holding Power

    Q: Do the coatings on power-driven "gun nails" hold as well in the wood as a common nail driven by hand?

  • Q&A: Copper vs. Plastic Plumbing

    Q: I’m currently remodeling a vacation home where the copper plumbing has developed pinhole leaks because of an acid water condition. To save money, my client wants to replace the copper pipes with CPVC plastic, but my plumber says that’s a bad idea. Who’s right?







  • For What It's Worth

    Voice mail for small businesses, retrofit zone thermostat for hydronic heat, new I-joist rim board