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  • Compacting Problem Soils

    Improper soil compaction leads to a host of concrete failures, from cracked pavements and slabs to leaking basements and settling foundations. A concrete expert tells how to avoid these problems by identifying the soil type, using the proper amount of moisture during compaction, and choosing the...

  • Fifteen Rules of Remodeling

    Taking care of business before, during, and after the job is the key to good referrals and repeat customers. A veteran contractor discusses fifteen ways to keep your customers happy.

  • Framing for Corner Windows

    A corner window interrupts the framing at a critical load path. The solution is cantilevered headers, properly sized and anchored to resist roof and wind loads.

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    Seismic Support for Old Foundations

    Strengthening old foundations against earthquake damage requires hardware, tools, and techniques that work well in tight quarters. Here’s how one California builder does it.

  • Trouble-Free Stairs

    In stair-building, most finish headaches start out as framing foul-ups. A veteran builder shows how to accurately figure rise and run, locate landings, and install squeakless treads and risers.

  • Watertight Skylights in Metal Roofs

    Standard flashing kits for curbed skylights don’t accommodate standing-seam metal roofing very well. This site-fabricated system uses mechanical interlocks instead of soldered joints to form a low-profile, watertight seal.



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    Temporary kitchen for remodeling clients, cordless nailer for metal connectors, hand-held span calculator, prefab basement window well