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  • Patching Stucco

    Making durable patches in stucco finishes is as much art as science. A veteran stucco contractor shows how to use dry dusting, fog coats, and trowel mix plastering both to repair damaged stucco and to blend new stucco work with old.

  • Radiant Walls and Ceilings for the Bath

    In small bathrooms, there may not be enough floor area for adequate radiant heating. An experienced hvac sub describes the products and techniques that can turn the walls and ceilings — and even some fixtures — into radiant heat sources.

  • Setting Up QuickBooks Pro for Construction

    Should you use Items or Classes? Accrual or cash-based accounting? Budgets or estimates? This tour of the QuickBooks Pro setup procedure will steer you through the maze of options and help you make the right choices.

  • Stacking Supported Valleys

    A roof with intersecting hips and valleys will test the mettle of many a seasoned framer. Using examples from a recent project, a roof framing specialist explains the foolproof method he uses to lay out, cut, and install three complex configurations: valley-to-hip, valley-to-valley, and a...

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    Tying Down the House

    Properly installed, metal framing connectors provide good protection from earthquakes and hurricane damage. A field supervisor for a California construction company takes a step-by-step look at how to lay out and install common types of hold-down hardware.



  • Letters

    Deck details, nailing metal hangers, vinyl siding



  • New England Update

  • Notebook

    Making the most of the construction boom, new joist bracing system, lumber price update, local codes limited in Florida



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    Q&A: Wide Ridge Vent

    Q: I have a job with a ridge beam built-up out of four pieces of LVL. Is there a ridge vent available that will span the wide opening this requires in the roof?

  • Q&A: Removing Old Grout

    Q: Is there an easy way to remove old grout from a tub surround without working by hand with a grout saw?







  • Products

    Double-bevel compound miter saw, graded glulams, all-in-one surge protector for the panel, versatile cable stripper