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    Communicating with Clients

    Good communication prevents small problems from becoming major disasters, and ensures happy customers and healthy profits. A remodeling contractor describes his systematic approach to staying in touch with clients.

  • Jambs & Thresholds For Fat Walls

    Extra-thick walls present a problem when it comes to installing prehung entry-door units. Here are some tested solutions, both stock and custom, that can help.

  • On-Site With Fiber-Cement Siding

    We take a close look at handling, cutting, installing, and painting fiber-cement to see how it compares with traditional lap siding.

  • Mission Almost Impossible

    An inside look at how a large, quality-conscious West Coast builder runs a demanding job

  • Remodeling a Bungalow

    These small, single-story houses from the 1920s and ’30s present classic design challenges to the remodeler. In this article, an award-winning architect shows how to make better use of bungalow space without adding on.



  • Letters

    Code compliance concerns, strap tie questions



  • Notebook

    Steel framing lagging behind wood, home warranty laws, the true cost of ceiling fans, pitfalls of building on unstable soil



  • Q&A: Laminating Over Plastic Laminate

    Q: Is laminating over existing plastic laminate an acceptable practice? If so, what is the best procedure?

  • Q&A: Painting Galvanized Steel

    Q: I build deck railings, awning frames, and other structures out of welded, galvanized steel tubing. I can’t get paint to stick for very long. So far I have only tried Rustoleum after using a mild acid rinse. It lasted about two years before the paint started to peel. Is there a product or...







  • Products

    Plastic footing form for sonotubes, easy-cleaning nonexpanding foam, steel frame for pocket doors, new radiant barrier roof sheathing