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    Reroofing over Asphalt Shingles

    Reroofing over old asphalt shingles is cheaper than a complete tear-off, but to look good and last long, the new shingles have to lie flat. A veteran roofer explains how to use special flashing, filler strips, and careful layout for a perfect job every time.

  • Simple Spec Writing

    This remodeler uses word-processing software to create clear, concise job specs that improve sales, eliminate client misunderstandings, and help the production crew build the job right.

  • Stripping & Repainting Wood Siding

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to stripping, pressure-washing, and repainting wood siding, by a Texas restoration contractor.

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    Successful Fireplaces in Tight Houses

    Want to keep the fireplace from smoking your clients out of their living room? The answer lies in building a straight flue, locating the chimney in the center of the house, and controlling air pressure with makeup air.

  • Tool Test: Recip Blade Demolition Derby

    We tortured these heavy-duty, bimetal reciprocating saw blades to find out how well they could make a plunge cut, shear off 30-penny spikes, and cut through an asphalt-roof assembly.

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    Truss Roofs Production Style

    A California production framer shows how on-the-ground prep work, precut braces and blocking, and an efficient work sequence can speed truss installation.



  • Letters

    Leave remodeling to professionals, base flashing detail for irregular foundations, pros and cons of forced-hot-air zoning



  • Notebook

    Factory-built framing components, drywall shortages, new rules for home-office deductions, guide to high-wind wood framing



  • Q&A: Replacing Rotten Sills & Joists

    Q: I often encounter rot on joists and sills in my remodeling work, and have to sister on new wood members to support the structure. Is it okay to leave some rotten wood in place, or must I remove it all?

  • Q&A: Patching Stucco

    Q: When making a patch in stucco, is it possible to use hydraulic cement or a fast-setting cement for the first couple of layers so that the patch can be completed in one day?

  • Q&A: Hardwood Strip Over Vinyl

    Q: What’s the right way to install hardwood strip flooring over an existing linoleum floor? The linoleum is glued to 5/8-inch plywood, which is installed over felt paper and a 1/2-inch plywood subfloor. The floor joists are 16 inches on-center.







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    Removable concrete anchors, work lights, plug-in GFCI, heavy-duty paint stripper, solution for wet basements, ver-satile pry bar, sliding truck mount for toolboxes


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