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    More on unvented crawlspaces, January cover questioned, rules of thumb for flue sizing



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    Temps helping to meet labor shortage; fixing up after Floyd; new study says cross-bridging helps stiffen floors; innovative foundation system requires no excavation; analysis of low-e paint; failing flex duct cover; elves slow development in Iceland



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    Q&A: Electrical Panel Location in Kitchen

    Q: In a new house I am building, I would like to locate the electrical service panel under a counter. This would put the top of the panel at a height of about 34 inches. Is there a reason this shouldn’t be done?

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    Q&A: Upstairs Window Egress Rules

    Q: I know that the sill of an egress window in a second-floor bedroom must be no higher than a certain distance from the floor to allow for easy escape. But what if it’s a tall window that is only 12 inches off the floor? Is this a code violation?

  • Q&A: Paint vs. Stain on Clapboards

    Q: I plan to install radially cut spruce clapboards on a new house and want to stain them with a white semitransparent or opaque stain. What type of finish appearance should I expect, and how often will the finish need to be renewed? Although stained siding looks better to me than painted siding, I...

  • Q&A: Preventing Wind Washing of Attic Insulation

    Q: Since ventilated attics can be breezy, doesn’t the wind rob heat from the insulated ceiling? Would it help to install housewrap on top of the R-38 fiberglass batt insulation? If the client wanted a storage area, I could install plywood over the housewrap. Similarly, would it help to have...

  • Q&A: Exterior Stair Riser Heights

    Q: I’m building an exterior stairway from a deck to grade. Is there a building code requirement that the risers of an exterior stairway all be the same height?








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    Inflatable knee pads; truck bed extender; caddy for extension ladders; roof guardrail; track for heavy pocket doors; finish works on wet wood; mortarless brick veneer; elegant aluminum balusters; more