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  • Buying a Plunge Router

    Plunge routers offer greater versatility than fixed-base routers. Here we compare the power and precision of some of the best models on the market.

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    Choosing Engineered Beams

    For heavy loads and long spans, engineered beams are the way to go. In this article, we compare LVL, glulam, and Parallam, plus some new composite beams.

  • Favorite Low-Cost Marketing Techniques

    We survey builders and remodelers around the country for successful marketing ideas that don’t require big bucks.

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    Retrofitting A Whirlpool Tub

    A bathroom renovation specialist explains how to select and install a jetted tub in an existing bath.

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    Saving Trees During Construction

    Stripping trees from a lot before building may seem practical, but saving them can pay larger dividends. This article explains how to watch out for what you can’t see — the roots.



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    Insulation upgrades, shingles claim leaves no satisfaction, lumber grading, hidden deck fasteners, pullout step stools, drywall clips



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    Free safety training for small builders, mold and moisture bankrupt big builder, plastic lumber ages well, New York builders liable for fall-related injuries, self-cleaning windows, more



  • Q&A: EPDM vs. Modified Bitumen Roofing

    Q: Why is EPDM roofing so much more expensive than torch-applied modified bitumen? Is EPDM roofing that much better?

  • Q&A: Crawlspace Insulation

    Q: I am building an addition over a 30-inch-high crawlspace. The local inspector has approved my plan to build a sealed crawlspace without ventilation. Should I install rigid foam insulation on the interior of the block walls, or should I insulate between

  • Q&A: Fastening Studs With Screws

    Q: On a remodel job, I used screws to fasten studs and blocking in a non-bearing partition. An inspector told me that only nails, not screws, could be used in this application. Is this correct?

  • Q&A: Costing and Tracking Software

    Q: What’s the best accounting software for job costing and tracking for a remodeling company?

  • Q&A: Installing Smoke Detectors

    Q: There are no code requirements for smoke detectors in my area. What is the best type of smoke detector to buy, and where should they be located?




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