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  • Cost-Effective Marketing for Builders

    A builder with a fast-growing business explains how co-op advertising provides the extra funds for a high-quality, high-volume marketing campaign.

  • Cutting Barrel-Vault Rafters

    This custom builder used a site-built jig to make quick work of cutting composite curved rafters.

  • Detailing Laminate Flooring

    A flooring contractor shares layout, installation, and trim tips for producing a professional-looking job.

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    Installing A Skylight

    Leak-free skylights start with careful attention to the manufacturer's directions, according to this veteran installer.

  • Using A Volt-Ohm Meter

    A master electrician describes how to trace wires, identify circuits, and diagnose common job-site electrical problems.




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    Code copyrights questioned, research on radiant heating, Solar Decathlon, marketing wheat-straw board, union-funded home mortgages



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    Q&A: Building Barn Doors

    Q. I need to build three pairs of swinging barn doors to fit 8x7 openings. I'm looking for suggestions for a lightweight but sturdy door that won't fall apart. My approach was a sheet of 3/4-inch mdo with an applied 5/4 stile-and-rail effect. My main conc

  • Q&A: Insulating a Foundation

    Q. To turn a small outbuilding into a living space, I plan to pour a slab floor within the existing 4-foot frostwall foundation. How much and what kind of insulation should I use for the foundation, and where should I place it -- under the slab or next to

  • Q&A: Building Details for Asthmatic Clients

    Q. I'm building a custom home for clients who have asthma and allergies. What building details should I pay particular attention to?

  • Q&A: Electric Radiant Heat for a Small Space

    Q. I'm considering using electric radiant heating panels in the ceiling of a small superinsulated apartment, but I hear a lot of bias against electric heat. Can it be cost effective in this case?





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    LED light bulbs, new tile backer, doorjamb reinforcer, garden window, undercounter computer kit, more