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    How to charge for overhead



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    California Fix-It Law, truss labeling law, Canadian softwood prices, smoke detector placement, Business Tune-Up



  • Q&A: Garage Slab Drainage

    Q. How should a garage slab be sloped for drainage toward the overhead door? At 1/4 inch per foot on a 24x26-foot foundation, the height difference from front to back would be more than 6 inches. Do I need to grade the sand and gravel sub-base at the same slope so the slab can have a uniform 4-inch...

  • Q&A: Green Board vs. Standard Drywall

    Q. How is "green board" different from regular drywall? Where is it supposed to be used, and what are its limitations?

  • Q&A: Keeping Attics Cool

    Q. A two-story house I'm working on has a zoned air-conditioning system with ductwork running through the hot attic, and the A/C can't keep the upstairs zone cool on hot, sunny days. What's the best way to cool that attic space down -- add gable vents to the existing soffit and ridge vents setup...

  • Q&A: Tiling Over Old Linoleum

    Q. Is it okay to tile over an old linoleum floor? I'm concerned that the tiles might contain asbestos.

  • Q&A: Are Hidden Deck Fasteners Strong Enough?

    Q. I was hoping someone could shed some light on EB-TY. I use this product on 80% of the decks I build, and many are one or more stories high. I also live in a heavy snow area. The clips in that system hold the decking to the framing with pressure, not with mechanical fasteners, and I'm concerned...






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  • 1102PR101jlc


    Bucket dolly, pivot-head ratchet wrench, flat speaker wires, retractable plumb bob, toolbox on wheels, more



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    Cabinetmaking with Festool; Laserjamb Q-Pro; Pro Pac tool bag


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