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    Providing Employee Benefits

    The owner of a remodeling business tells how the company institutes and manages benefits to attract and keep quality employees.

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    Spray Foam Insulation

    Forget the separate air barrier, and hold the vapor retarder: Sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam takes the place of both and offers increased structural stiffness as well as other benefits

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    Safety Lessons

    Working safely may cost a few dollars in the short run, but the ultimate price of an on-the-job accident can be incalculable. Five construction veterans tell what went wrong for them, and why.

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    10-Inch Portable Table Saws

    The newest 10-inch job-site table saws combine the rip capacity of contractor models with the portability of 81/4-inch machines. JLC compares seven models.

  • Attaching Deck Ledgers

    Problems with deck attachment are common and the issues complex. Three experts home in on the forces at work between the deck ledger and the band joist and offer connection details that will support anticipated loads.



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    Tiling over laminate, decking tips, solar incentives, precast chimneys, ANSI water heater spec



  • Amherst, NY Building Dept.

    In The News

    Buffalo's flawed foundations, soggy building season, blast-resistant insulating windows, sealed crawlspaces, N.Y. scaffold law



  • Q&A: Various Recoating Wood Floors

    Q. We're renovating a home with hardwood floors that are somewhat worn and lack luster but don't seem to need resanding. Is there a way to restore the finish without sanding?

  • Q&A: Cleaning Grout

    Q. I have a client who had a tile floor put down a few years ago. The tile installer told her the grout already had a sealer in it so no additional sealer was ever put on. Now the grout is stained, and she has been trying to clean it with bleach (the grout is white) but cannot stand the fumes. Is...

  • Q&A: Lumber Choices

    Q. I recently requested a quote for 1x4 T&G fir for a covered porch. The lumber supplier added two new species, meranti and Brazilian redwood, to the quote list. How do those woods stack up against Douglas fir, which has been used traditionally for porch floors in my area? I plan to paint all sides...




Kitchen & Bath


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    Push-on wire nuts, invisible deck fasteners, good-looking gutters, caulks, sealants & adhesives, drywall products



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    Tool-toting nylon vest, plus table saw tuneup, levels, and truck gear