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  • Choosing Entry-Door Hardware

    For the best door security, install a deadbolt, reinforce the strike plate and tie it into the frame, and use forged, hardened, and corrosion-resistant lock components.

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    Putting the Web to Work

    From proposals to invoices, a custom home builder tells how almost any document can be shared online with everyone involved in a project.

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    Realistic Scheduling for Remodelers

    The owner and production manager of a high-end remodeling company tell how they build schedules they can stick to.

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    Repairing Wooden Fences

    A fence repair specialist explains the basics of a profitable remodeler's niche.

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    Simple Frame & Panel Trim

    With detailed planning and a few specialized tools, Craftsman-style wood paneling can be created on a production schedule and moderate budget.

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    Venting Gas Appliances

    Supply plenty of combustion air, keep the flue warm and dry, and don't restrict the flow of exhaust in the flue.



  • Letters

    Smart wiring, bad gasoline, caught with our barn door open, speaking English on the job



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    In The News

    Radiant-floor study, builder absolved in liability case, asphalt fumes not carcinogenic, high-tech pigments for cool roofs, more



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    Q&A: Is It Necessary to Compact Slab Sub-Base?

    Q. We need to pour a 24x24-foot concrete slab for an attached garage next to a precast foundation. The precast walls are 9 feet and 4 feet tall (see photo). Unfortunately, the trench overdig is 7 feet deep and as much as 4 feet wide in some places. We would prefer to avoid backfilling and tamping...

  • Q&A: Placing Wall Receptacles

    Q. An old house I'm working on has too few wall outlets to meet code. What are the rules for spacing and positioning of new outlets? Can I place them in the baseboard trim?

  • Q&A: Ice Buildup Problem

    Q. We built a custom home for a client in west Michigan a couple of years ago, and the home has had problems with ice ever since. It's a 1,450-square-foot ranch with cathedral ceilings and many can lights throughout. We used blown fiberglass insulation in the ceiling assemblies. From the beginning...

  • Q&A: Housewrap in Hot, Humid Climates

    Q. I'm in discussions with an architect regarding the pros and cons of using Grace Ice and Water Shield or a similar membrane material as a housewrap. These materials are more expensive than Tyvek or 15# felt but can't be beat when it comes to the wind-driven rain we get here in the Florida...






Kitchen & Bath


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    Powder-actuated fastening system, tool hauler, stainless truck rack, metric ridge vent, improved pipe wrench, safer paint stripper, one-handed clamp, bifocal safety specs