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  • 0503cr-01

    Become an Award-Winning Builder

    A successful remodeler explains how to go about winning awards and how it pays off in customer trust and satisfaction.

  • 0503da1

    Framing an Octagonal Roof

    A master framer safely cuts and assembles a complex bell-shaped turret roof in comfort on the ground before finishing the job with a crane.

  • 0503HMLEjlc

    High-Tech Office in a Truck

    From returning phone calls to getting change-order approvals, this remodeler makes his time in the field twice as productive.

  • 0503fr100jlc

    Tool Test: Fixed-Base Routers

    Fixed-base routers now come with variable-speed switches, soft-start, and precision depth control. Here's a review of available models.

  • 0503cu-01

    Smarter Site Work with Geosynthetics

    These tough plastic fabrics and grids take some of the uncertainty out of drainage, retaining walls, and other earth work.

  • 0503we-01

    Working with Flexible Trim

    Bendable polyester moldings can add a high-end look on a production budget. A veteran trim carpenter reveals some tricks for using them effectively.



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    Nails as brick ties, rainscreen siding details, vermiculite insulation, swelling of OSB panels



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    In the News

    Wood dust cancer, EPA stormwater rules, septic alternatives, new salvaged wood supply, solar electric resurgence



  • Q&A:Photo Documentation Tools

    Q. I'm involved in historic restoration and annually shoot a couple of hundred images. I'm looking for a simple (and inexpensive) software that will allow me to take the photos and do markups for comparison. What do you recommend?

  • Q&A:Moisture in Post-and-Beam Home

    Q. The owners of a post-and-beam we've just completed are having a condensation problem on the inside of the windows. The colder it gets, the more ice develops on the glass, to the point the windows won't open. We used good-quality windows. The temperatur

  • Q&A:Competing in a Small Market

    Q. I'm a general contractor in a small town where there are many licensed contractors, which makes competition fierce. Some local contractors seem to think the way to do business is to give their materials away at cost and to charge $25 per hour for labor

  • Q&A:Eaves Vents With No Soffits

    Q. I'm reroofing and residing a small home with no soffits. The customer wants to add attic ventilation. I have no problem adding the ridge vents, but there is no soffit overhang to put the eaves vents in. In fact, to have enough space for the vinyl J-cha

  • Q&A:Various Extractive Bleeding on Cedar Siding

    Q. I recently installed 20,000 square feet of 1/2x4-inch cedar siding, rough side out, on a project in Connecticut. The exterior wall construction was 6-inch metal steel studs sheathed with 5/8-inch exterior plywood and covered with building wrap. Inside,





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    High-strength underlayment, low-slope roof solution, new roof nailer, easy rainscreen, frozen pipe protection, preassembled handrail, more



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