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  • 1003TO-1A

    Building a Sealed Crawlspace

    Sealed, conditioned crawlspaces can reduce callbacks and increase occupant comfort, says this North Carolina contractor. Here's how to build them — and how to sell the idea to the building inspector.

  • 1003HEle

    Cordless Impact Drivers

    Cordless impact drivers aren't as versatile as standard screw guns, but there's nothing like them for driving lags and other heavy fasteners. Our reviewer compares six models and reports his findings.

  • 1003DC_le

    Glazing a Custom Sunroom

    Besides providing a positive weather seal, sloped glazing needs to collect and channel condensed moisture to the outside. This flexible system of aluminum extrusions and rubber gaskets does just that.

  • Lateral-Force Collectors for Seismic and Wind-Resistant Framing

    There's more to wind- and earthquake-resistant framing than properly constructed shear walls. A veteran structural engineer describes the key connections that collect and control potentially catastrophic loads.

  • 1003CO1A

    Exterior Trim for Period Homes

    A New England builder tells how he takes advantage of shop-made trim and panelized walls to build authentic reproduction homes that can be shipped and erected anywhere.

  • 1003wi103

    What is Green?

    Green may sound simple, but it can be surprisingly difficult to define. An expert in the field explains what green means, and why it matters.



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    Spray-foam insulation, flashing deck ledgers, safety lessons



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    In the News

    Nail gun accidents, California picks NFPA code, Minnesota stucco warning, mega-home tally, Business Tune-Up




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    Hiring temporary labor; what not to say to customers




Kitchen & Bath


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    Flexible moldings, fast-grab adhesive, dimmable CF; panel, flooring, and asphalt roofing products