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  • 0704mr-01

    Building a Timber Barn

    For customers who want the look of a timber-frame outbuilding without the cost, this Massachussetts builder has developed a straightforward approach to stick framing with heavy timbers.

  • 0704ra-09

    Cast-In-Place Concrete Counters

    Forming concrete counters on-site requires careful preparation and perfect timing. A third-generation concrete contractor shares his secrets for getting the job done right.

  • 0804pa-01

    Fitting Up a Custom Saw Trailer

    Nothing like rolling the shop to the job to slash setup time. A GC tells how he built a custom saw trailer with a 14-inch radial arm saw, a large-capacity air compressor, and tons of storage space.

  • Fixing a Wet Crawlspace

    A crawlspace expert describes how he turned a damp bug- and mold-infested crawlspace into a clean, dry, sealed environment.

  • 0804rs-02

    Tool Test: Stacked-Tank Compressors

    Air compressors vary in terms of portability, noise output, recovery time, and ease-of-use. We sent ten twin stacked-tank models out in the field to find out which ones deliver; here's our report.

  • 0804ct-08

    Time-Saving Tools For Framers and Finish Carpenters

    Trying to speed production and increase accuracy on the job? These tools deserve a look.



  • Letters

    Protecting deck ledger with membrane; house trap follow up; Spanish language resources; in praise of change orders; more



  • 0804nw-01eps

    In the News

    Disaster narrowly averted in deck collapse; lumber price outlook; condo franchise reaps profits for custom builder; Colorado construction liability reform faces voter threat; more




  • Determining Labor Productivity Rates

    I recently asked the participants in jlconline's Estimating and Takeoff forum what part of the estimating process was most difficult for them. The nearly unanimous answer was "estimating labor costs."



Kitchen & Bath


  • 0804PR-13


    AC products; interior doors; TrussLock screws



  • 0804tb-21


    Bosch 1590 EVS jigsaw; Porter-Cable 324 MAG circular saw; specialty nailers, concrete tools