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    Sizing circulation pumps; what you don’t know; plumbing victory; Energy Star misleading



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    JLC Report

    Lead-safe remodeling update; new energy code approved for 2012; error-minimizing tape measure coming soon



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    Budgeting for your marketing, sales, and project starts



  • Reprieve for Dying Decks

    UDF-21 Deck Resurfacer polymer coating fills cracks, locks down splinters, and cures to form a textured, slip-resistant surface that's nearly maintenance-free.

  • Undercounter Fridge

    The Sub-Zero 700BR Refrigerator Drawer is designed to fit discreetly under a counter and blend into the surrounding cabinetry.

  • Space-Saver

    Johnson wall-mounted sliding-door hardware can provide the convenience of a pocket door while keeping installation simple.

  • Simplified Valley Framing

    Simpson's new VTCR single-sided valley truss clip eliminates the need to bevel the bottom chord - or use wedges - when installing a valley truss over a supporting roof.

  • Deeper Dishwasher

    The DishDrawer Tall has extra headroom and a fully adjustable racking system that allows it to accommodate such items as long-stemmed wine glasses and 13-inch plates.

  • Disappearing Door

    Andersen's new Folding Patio Door has an unusual top-hung design that allows its panels fold up and out the way easily.

  • Earth-Friendly Oil Paint

    Safecoat Naturals nontoxic paints are finishes made from - in the maker's words - only "natural earth-based plant and mineral components."

  • Emergency Escape

    Unlike ordinary flexible fire escapes, the PEARL (Permanent Escape and Rescue Ladder) is guaranteed to be there when it's needed: the recessed steel cabinet that houses the ladder fits between 16-inch on-center 2x4 walls.



  • Versatile Cold-Weather Gloves

    ProFlex 816 Thermal Flip-Top Gloves provide the warmth of fleece-lined mittens when you need it - but when a task requires manual dexterity, you can flip back the finger and thumb covers and use your fingers without having to take off the whole glove.



  • Bridal Bridge

    Builder Ted Kellogg convinced his bride-to-be that a brand-new covered bridge over the rocky stream behind his farmhouse would make a perfect spot for their summer nuptials.