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    Floor Saver

    FlexBoard is easier than hardboard to handle and store

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    Smaller Spa

    Aquatic's acrylic drop-in Starla Tub is sized to replace 60-inch bathtubs

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    Seamless Drains

    Lenova has redesigned its stainless steel sinks to eliminate the yuck factor

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    Salvaged Counters

    Heritage Countertops are made from hardwoods rescued from old buildings

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    Paper Countertop

    Richliteís Northwest Collection countertops are stronger than most stone and solid-surface offerings, says the company

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    High-Performance Windows

    Zola says its Tilt & Turn units are often speced for Passive Houses because they're so energy-efficient

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    Earth-Friendly Fasteners

    According to Maze, Stormguard Coil Roofing Nails contain at least 85 percent recycled steel and zinc

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    Crawlspace Cover

    The 8 Mil Floor Liner is durable and easy to install, says the maker

  • B0011P 0743

    Copper Tub

    Aurora freestanding soaking tubs are hand-hammered for a distressed appearance

  • Devon 079

    Black and White Tile

    Atelier Flooring snaps together like a jigsaw puzzle to create strikingly uniform patterns

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    Big Bamboo

    Teragrenís Bamboo Worktops are durable and environmentally friendly, says the maker

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    Accessible Fridge

    The DCS 36-inch French Door Refrigerator offers ease of access and lots storage space

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    Soy-Based Stripper

    LeadOut works by converting lead to nonhazardous lead sulfide, says the maker

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    Weathered Wood

    Montana Ghost Wood comes from dead standing trees, mostly spruce and lodgepole killed by beetles and forest fires

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    Two-Part Urethane

    Originally developed for boats, SilverThane SA-2100 is suitable for any application that requires a waterproof gap-filling adhesive

  • Image

    Strong Silent Type

    Beam says the Model 3700 Serenity IQS is one of the quietest, most powerful central vacuum systems available

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    Smaller, Safer GFCI

    Leviton says the SmartlockPro Slim Self-Test GFCI is 25 percent smaller than a typical GFCI receptacle, making it easier to fit the wires in the box

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    Prepainted Trim

    Finished Elegance molding comes in 27 profiles

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    Lead Cleaner

    According to the maker, Ledizolv detergent is biodegradable and dissolves lead dust more effectively than multipurpose cleaners or chemicals

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    Green Glue

    Safecoat Almighty Adhesive construction adhesive is environmentally safe and nontoxic, says the maker

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    Glass Fastener

    Laticrete says its Glass Tile Adhesive cures to an ultra-white color that enhances the appearance of translucent tiles

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    Dust Container

    The Encapsulator Workbag upacks into a 5x8-foot "clean room"

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    Custom Appliance Trim

    There's a Micro-Trim kit to fit almost any microwave, range, or cooktop, says the company

  • Image

    Beer Fridge

    The Dual-Tap Beverage Dispenser holds two one-sixth barrels of beer or a single quarter barrel

  • Image


    Cetol Door & Window Finish works better than polyurethanes and varnishes, says the maker

  • Image


    The SmartCab pull-out cabinet organizer fits 15-inch and 18-inch base cabinets located beneath a drawer


    Slate Lite

    The slate you can't see from the ground has been replaced by a sheet of underlayment

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    Lightning-Safe Gas Pipe

    TracPipe CounterStrike tubing has a conductive jacket that is supposed to help prevent damage from lightning

  • Image

    Two Ovens in One

    Miele's Speed Oven packs a microwave and a convection oven into one compact unit

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    Premium Paint

    Sherwin-Williams' Emerald Acrylic Latex comes in interior and exterior versions

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    Metal Look

    Mixology resin tiles offer the look of cast metal without the weight, says the maker

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    Valspar Plus paint is certifiably "allergy friendly," says its maker

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    Glass Wall Tiles

    Modono Glass Tiles come in 24 colors and in standard and custom sizes

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    Efficient Exhaust

    Zephyr says it has made its Milano Island range hood quieter and more efficient

  • Image

    Durable Shingles

    StormMaster shingles are designed to look like wood shakes or slate

  • Image

    Custom Copper

    Get your design fabricated in 16-gauge copper




  • Image

    Safer Fishing

    Volt-Guard is designed to be used around live circuits

  • Image

    Versatile Torpedo

    With the DWHT43003, DeWalt has given the lowly torpedo level a significant upgrade

  • Image

    Tool Tether

    The Gear Keeper Retractable Lanyard is suitable for tools weighing up to a pound

  • Image

    Handcrafted Levels

    Crick Levels are made of laminated wood and stainless steel

  • Image

    Adjustable Spacer

    Turn the AV2's dial to get the shim size you need

  • Image

    Knuckle Saver

    The Tight Space Tubing Cutter is a knuckle-saver

  • Image

    Double-Duty Cap Nailer

    Just push a button on the DF175-CN to shut off the cap feed

  • Image

    Safer Drilling

    Makita's Dustless Hammer Attachment fits the company's SDS-plus rotary hammers

  • Image

    Nonmarring Pry Bar

    Stiletto's new stainless steel flat bar

  • Image

    No-Clog Nut Driver

    Removing metal shavings from a magnetized driver bit has never been so easy, says DeWalt

  • Image


    This recip-saw attachment collects dust without blocking views of the cutline, says maker

  • Image

    Quick-Change Chuck.

    With the Eliminator you can say goodbye to knuckle-busting two-wrench bit changes

  • Image

    iPhone-Ready Earmuffs

    These stereo earmuffs could make a noisy job easier to bear

  • Image

    Adjustable Access Stairs

    This adjustable aluminum stair can span runs up to 14 feet



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