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  • Letters

    Beefing up attic joists for storage; bad bearings; door hanging clinic; combustibility of spray foam



  • Q&A: Sidewall Shingles Over Foam Sheathing

    Q: How do I fasten cedar shingles to sidewalls covered with rigid foam?

  • Micronized-Copper Treated Lumber

    Q: I'm building an outdoor deck for a client who wants me to use lumber treated with micronized copper, in the belief that it's less harmful to the environment than wood treated with other chemicals. I'm not very familiar with the material. Can it be used in ground-contact applications, including...

  • When the Homeowner Does the Demo

    Q: I'm considering a job remodeling a kitchen on a pre-1978 house. The budget-conscious client wants to save money by doing the demo work himself, which I understand he can legally do in his own home. Can I come onto the job afterward and work without following lead-safe work practices, since I...



  • Big Power, Small Package

    According to Rheem, the 29-gallon XR90 Extreme Recovery Gas Water Heater exceeds the performance of most 50-gallon water heaters but costs less to operate than any standard 30-, 40-, or 50-gallon model.

  • Safer Spray-Foam Cleaner

    Touch ’n Seal now offers a more environmentally friendly way to clean uncured spray foam from hands, tools, and applicator guns. Poly-Clean is VOC-free and nonirritating to skin, says the manufacturer.

  • Low-VOC Interior Paint

    Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd flows on and levels out like a traditional alkyd but has low VOC content (less than 50 grams/liter) and cleans up with soap and water.

  • Sun-Powered Fan

    Broan’s 20-watt Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator can ventilate up to 1,600 square feet.

  • Green Grass

    Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed grows at a quarter the rate of blue grass and puts down 12-inch-deep roots that tap into naturally occurring moisture, says the maker.

  • Post Wrap

    Versatex has added 4-by-6-inch and 8-by-8-inch sizes to its precut Versawrap PVC column cladding for rough-sawn wood posts (existing sizes are 4 by 4 inches and 6 by 6 inches.)

  • Quick-Change Locks

    With SmartKey Locks you can turn a project over to the homeowners without worrying about who might still have access to the house.

  • Cabinet Glass Upgrade

    The manufacturer best-known in this country for reproductions of historic “wavy” glass also makes replacement inserts for built-in cabinets and furniture.

  • Recycling Center

    Blum’s two new waste/recycle drawer sets fit 15-, 18-, and 21-inch base cabinets.

  • Ready-to-Go Blower Door

    The Minneapolis Blower Door comes equipped with everything needed to measure airtightness or diagnose air-leakage problems, says the manufacturer.

  • Retrofit LEDs for Downlights

    Nora Lighting recently added a 4-inch 10-watt model to its Diamond Series of LED retrofit downlights.

  • Products



  • Scaffold Builder’s Multi-Tool

    The WrightGripScaffold Ratchet is designed to lighten the load for scaffold builders. It features a 7/8-inch socket wrench, a 7/8-inch open-end wrench, and a nonsparking hammer with a replaceable plastic face.

  • Multipurpose Hammer Drill

    The new KHE 76 combination hammer is equally suited to drilling large holes in concrete and heavy chiseling, says Metabo.

  • Compact Foam Sprayer

    Graco claims that the Reactor E-8p Portable Plural-Component Sprayer is the first foam sprayer specifically designed to apply the new no-heat polyurethane formulations.

  • Do-It-All Saw

    According to Irwin, the new Universal Handsaw is the only saw you’ll ever need.



  • Image

    Heavy Equipment Simulators

    Until about five years ago, the only way to practice operating an excavator or bulldozer was to climb aboard and start moving dirt, ideally in an area without too many buried power lines and gas mains.