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  • Three-Coat Stucco Over Foam

    Traditional cement-based stucco can be applied over rigid foam, as long as you get the details right

  • Patching Plaster

    Use setting compound and drywall patches to quickly repair holes in plaster


On the Job



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    Warmer, Drier Basements

    Superior Wallsí XiPlus foundation panels have an insulation value of R-21

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    Tight Sill

    Endura's Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill (ZAC) self-adjusts to stay tight

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    Stock Closet System

    ClosetMaidís ShelfTrack Elite system offers the custom wood look for less cost

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    Smart Dimmer

    Levitonís Decora SureSlide Dimmer provides full-range dimming for incandescent and dimmable LED and CFL lamps

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    Repairable Moment Frame

    The Strong Frame SMF withstands earthquakes better than most special moment frames, says Simpson

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    Pretty Face

    Johnson Hardware's pre-assembled Wall Mounted Fascia goes with the company's sliding door track

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    Long-Span PVC Deck Rail

    The Azek Rail spans a full 10 feet between posts

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    It’s Raining Music

    The Moxie Showerhead produces a combination of water and sound

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    Fluorescent Replacement

    Larson Electronicsí 4-foot LED T-Series style bulb replaces the companyís T8 and T12 fluorescents

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    Exotic Reclaimed Flooring

    Viridianís Jarkarta Blend is 100% Asian hardwoods reclaimed from international shipping crates

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    Compact Power

    This compact unit gives small and medium-sized homes enough power to run essential circuits when the grid goes down




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    X-Ray Vision

    DeWalt has added a Hand-Held Radar Scanner to its 12-volt Max lithium-ion system

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    The Ultimate Framer

    With the Chappell Master Framer, you can calculate cuts for complex roof frames

  • Compact Battery,

    Cordless Power

    Hilti says its TE 2-A18 Rotary Hammer Drill delivers the same power as the TE 2 corded model

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    Compliance in a Pail

    The Li'L Bucket of Safe-Tie has everything a worker needs to be OSHA-compliant up on the roof


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