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On the Job



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    Heavy-Duty Truss Hangers

    Simpson's new truss hangers are said to have some of the highest loads in the industry

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    Sleek Faucet Option

    Moen's Matte Black Finish adds a touch of drama

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    Shim With a Drill

    The Top Star Shim Screw simplifies window and door installation, says the maker

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    Roof-Friendly Solar

    Certainteedís polycrystalline Apollo Solar Roofing is lighter than many similar products, the company says

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    No-Sag Concrete Patch

    Aboweld two-part epoxy is impermeable, can be applied under water, and bonds to old concrete

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    No-Rot Ledger

    The Deck Ledger system consists of extruded aluminum ledger boards and joist hangers

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    Luxury Mini Fridge

    True Manufacturing's 15-inch Undercounter Refrigerator has two shelves and four dooor options

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    Easy Wrap

    Preassembled KleerWrap can be put in place by a single worker

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    Corner Storage

    This corner cabinet storage system contains front and rear shelf pairs

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    Condensation Killer

    The DewStop switch turns the fan on or off in response to humidity and dew-point levels

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    Against the Wind

    GlassCraft's Impact Fiberglass Entry Doors are approved for use in high-wind zones of Florida and Texas

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    Adjustable Column

    The Lally Lock is a three-part height-adjustable Lally column




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    5,500 Pounds of Pennies

    A Maryland artist installs a durable commercial floor with one million pennies and two kinds of epoxy


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