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  • Lifting a 600-Pound Beam

    Contributors to the Rough Framing Forum discuss preferred ways to lift heavy framing members



  • Small EIFS Repairs

    A stucco contractor explains how to patch minor nicks and abrasions in EIFS while matching the original finish

  • Cleaning Old Beams

    Soda-blasting worked where oxalic acid, walnut shells, and soap and water failed

  • Roof Truss Repair

    Field repairs should always be designed by an engineer


On the Job

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    Three Ways to Vent a Soffit

    Cor-A-Vent corrugated polypropylene vents offer a low-profile soffit alternative to metal strip vents and perforated fiber-cement panels




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    Tough Mesh

    SlimGuard Gutter Guard installs inside the gutter without caulk or screws

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    Thick as Glue

    Peel Stop Paint Primer is three times thicker than standard primers, says the maker

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    Smoke Blocker

    Touch n Seal says FireStop Gun Foam is approved as a through-penetration firestop sealant

  • E-Series/Eagle Sash Lock double-hung window hardware with VeriLock sensor. Hardware finish is black. VeriLock control box also shown.

    The Sentinel

    The Verilock is available as an add-on to Andersen's E-Series/Eagle windows and sliding doors

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    Old Twist, New Finish

    Outwater has added several new finishes to its line of Traditional Staircase Elements

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    No More Sonotubes

    Reinforced-concrete Perma-Columns keep wood posts away from ground moisture

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    Hybrid Finishes

    Atlas Homewares' Modern Bronze Finish is a cross between traditional oil-rubbed bronze and modern graphite grey

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    Heat Trap

    The York tub retains heat better than other baths, says its maker

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    Faux Shakes

    Bellaforte polymer roofing shakes can be installed to look like rough-hewn wood shakes

  • Double Duty

    Premium Plus Zero VOC Interior Paint combines the primer and finish coat in one product

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    Disappearing Ridge

    The SmartRidge vent has a baffle on one side only so it's hidden from the street

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    Cleanest Woodburner

    The Lopi Cape Cod Woodstove is billed as the cleanest-burning large cast-iron stove available



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    Senco JoistPro Metal-Connector Nailers

    Two Senco hardware nailers are put to the test



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    Super Stirrer

    The StirWhip's "fingers" are both flexible and strong

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    Gimme a Lift

    The Ladder Lift makes it easy to store even heavy ladders overhead

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    Force Multiplier

    Makitaís LXTX2 is an update of the HRH01, except it uses two 18-volt batteries (instead of a single 36V)

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    Compact Powerhouse

    People who have tried the new M12 Fuel drivers say they pack a lot of power for their size



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    Pencil Sculpture

    Carpenter Dalton Ghetti carved these remarkable miniatures out of lead with razor blades and sewing needles


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  • Whatever Happened to 30# Felt?

    Asphalt-impregnated felt — aka tar paper — enjoyed a 100-year run as the preeminent roofing and siding underlayment.