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On the Job



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    Retrofit Toilet

    The two-piece Riose toilet is designed for retrofits where the floor won’t accommodate a drain pipe

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    Quick Workstation

    Saves time with fast and easy setup and breakdown

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    Triple-Pane Windows

    Marvin has added a triple-pane glazing option to its Wood-Ultrex casements and awnings

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    Suspended Ceiling

    Embassy Ceilings look nicer than conventional suspended ceilings and eat up less headroom

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    Small and Smart

    The Flex 100H heat-recovery ventilator is designed for homes with less than 2,000 square feet of floor space

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    Slow Burner

    Weyerhaeuser’s Flak Jacket is an intumescent fire-resistant coating for Trus Joist TJIs

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    New Twist on PVC

    This PVC product's core is engineered for strength and water resistance, says the maker

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    On Track

    Festool's new TS 55 REQ track saw is a redesign of the TS 55 EQ

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    Liquid Flashing

    People who don’t like to detail flashing tape around pipes might consider Huber's Zip Liquid Flashing

  • 400 Series Awning window, pine interior. Contemporary folding hardware in black finish.

    Invisible Motor

    Andersen’s low-voltage Automatic Operator can control up to four windows

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    Insulation Bag

    Fill the fire-rated Insul Cube with blown insulation, then friction-fit between the joists

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    Exhaust Fan

    This 7-cfm continuous-exhaust fan goes on the floor and ducts to the outside

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    Instant Dust Door

    The Zip Door can be installed in less than a minute

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    Compact Combo

    A 132,000-Btu boiler and a 24-gallon charged indirect hot-water tank in one compact unit

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    PVC Column

    Wrap the three connected panels around the post, then lock the fourth panel in place

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    Beadboard From Fly Ash

    Boral’s Tru Exterior Trim is made from fly ash and polymers

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    Central Vac

    The Intervac is an inexpensive alternative to a whole-house vacuum

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    No Sweat

    Lennox says the XC25 can dehumidify a house without overcooling it

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    No- Prime Spackle

    3M's Patch Plus Primer could come in handy for small patching jobs

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    Adjustable Niche

    These niches have sealed corners and integrated flanges

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    Light Control

    ODL's Array door-light system fits doors that accept a 22-inch by 64-inch glazing panel

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    Attic Ladder

    The Energy Seal Attic Ladder has integrated weatherstripping to reduce air leakage

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    Germ-Fighting Faucets

    Moen says its "Microban antimicrobial protection" prevents bacterial growth on faucet surfaces

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    Easy Chair

    Prolok rebar and mesh chairs have locking heads, so no bar ties are required

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    Quick Cable

    A minimalist look for interiors and exteriors




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    Compatible Vac

    Milwaukee's filter fits most major brands of SDS-plus rotary hammers and hammer drills

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    Versatile Storage

    Offer ProSlat wall storage as part of a garage upgrade or use it in your shop

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    Glue Gun

    Lays down a bead of thermoplastic adhesive that sets five minutes after application

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    Not Just for Drywall

    The Jab Saw can handle several materials, from metal to PVC

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    Clean Cutter

    The Diablo 10-inch Ultimate Flawless Finish blade cuts easier than many other carbide blades

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    Cellular Sentinel

    The GSM Cable Lock guards table saws and other stationary tools left on the job site

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    Bug Resistant

    Insect Repellent Work Wear protects against ticks, flies, and mosquitoes

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    16- Volt Impact Driver

    More powerful than 12-volt drivers, but lighter and more compact than 18- and 20-volt models



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    Carpet Board

    NyloBoard composite decking contains recycled carpet fiber instead of sawdust

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