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JLC Report


On the Job


  • The authors file-naming convention divides the file name into several parts. First comes the job number, which is usually the job address, followed by the document type  I is an invoice; Q, a quote; D, a draw request; PO, a purchase order; CO, a change order; and so on. Next comes the name of the vendor or sub, followed by an invoice number, or by a date that distinguishes between versions. In some cases, a keyword suffix is added to help narrow the search. Another suffix is added when a document is revised: Rev1, Rev2, etc.

    Going Paperless

    Storing documents in digital form saves time, money, and space



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    Quiet Exhaust Fan

    NuToneís LPN80 produces just one sone of noise and fits in a 2x4 wall

  • Image

    Appliance Finish

    GE's "Slate" finish is a low-gloss alternative to stainless steel and black

  • Image

    Touch-Free Faucet

    Waving an object beneath the Sensate's spout turns it on and off

  • Image

    Solar-Powered Skylight

    Velux's Fresh Air Skylight uses a solar panel to recharge a battery-powered control system

  • Image

    Self-Adhered Housewrap

    BlueskinVP serves as both housewrap and air barrier

  • Image

    Rotproof Doors

    Masonite's "Lemieux Torrefied Collection" doors are treated to resist heat, cold, and moisture

  • Image

    Lightweight Roof Tiles

    Quarrix Composite Tiles weigh a lot less than concrete and clay and come in six colors

  • Image

    Skylift Roof Risers

    A simple way to add a patio roof cover

  • Image

    Lightweight Drywall

    Sheetrock UltraLight Panels weigh only 1.35 pounds per square foot

  • Drainable Decking

    Weyerhaeuser says its Edge Gold flooring panels shed water during construction delays

  • Image

    Downsized Programming

    Honeywell's Prestige IAQ thermostat is 60% smaller than the companyís other programmable models

  • Image

    Access Control

    The pad on Schlage's Touch Screen Deadbolt lights up for use in the dark




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    Portable LP Generator

    Generac's new LP5500 holds a 20- or 30-pound fuel tank

  • Image

    Pencil Blade

    A unique take on the lowly carpenterís pencil

  • Image

    High End Level

    Sola's solid, one-pound MM Torpedo Level should stand up to job-site abuse

  • Image

    Compact Band Saw

    Powermaticís PM1500 15-inch band saw has a relatively small footprint and a 3-hp 230-volt motor



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