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JLC Report

  • Offcuts

    A new home in Dillingham, Alaska, has set a world record for the tightest residential structure ever built.

  • North Carolina Lawmakers Consider Local Design Restrictions

    The North Carolina House of Representatives has approved a bill that would prohibit local governments from using zoning ordinances to regulate building-design elements for single-family homes or duplexes



On the Job



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    Wood-Grain Vinyl

    Harvey's Better Grain finish for vinyl windows really does look like stained wood

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    Formwork for Carpenters

    Developed by a Utah contractor, the Spider Tie system is for builders and remodelers who want to do their own formwork

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    PEX Alternative

    Zurn Pex hy-PE-RTube is flexible, so it can be made to lie flat during installation

  • Recycled Pavers

    Made of recycled rubber and plastic, Azek Pavers feel firm but have some give

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    Markable Coating

    Sherwin-Williams’ Dry Erase Coating can be written on with a marker, then wiped clean

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    Fast Patch

    Quikrete's Zip & Mix products can be mixed in the bag for small patching jobs

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    Bumperless Doorstop

    This hinge pin lets you set different opening angles

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    Deck Brightener

    Fiberon's Accent Lights are recessed into the deck surface

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    Residential Condensing Tank

    Rheem's High-Efficiency Condensing PDV Water Heater uses high-efficiency condensing technology

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    Bulblike LED

    The Advanced Light LED has the same look and temperature as a traditional incandescent bulb

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    Dry Veneer

    Versetta Stone is a nonstructural stamped concrete veneer that’s installed without mortar

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    Rubber Roof

    EuroSlate and EuroShake roofing is made from recycled rubber tires




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