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On the Job


  • Sales Agreement Specifics

    There’s always the possibly of incurring liability because of something your sales rep said during the sales presentation. One way to limit that possibility, construction lawyer Patrick C. Barthet says, is to have the right sales agreement in place, with appropriate disclaimer language.



  • A 300 cfm exhaust fan can depressurize the leakiest 2,000-square-foot home allowed by code (blower door at 900 cfm50, as indicated by dotted line) to -10 Pa (red dot). No natural-draft gas appliance in the home could safely draft under these conditions.

    Code Conflict

    If you air seal to meet 2012 International Energy Conservation Code requirements, be aware that natural-draft gas appliances installed in these homes could cause a potential hazard due to depressurization. Here's why.



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    Remodelers’ Shower Door

    With metal trim that can be trimmed on-site to fit the opening, this shower door from Kohler is designed to be installed by the remodeler.

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    Prefab Cavity Wall Drain

    This prefab cavity wall drain provides a complete flashing system in an easy-to-install panel for masonry cavity walls.

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    Codeworthy Film Tape

    A new solution for sealing flex duct connections, DC 181 is a film tape that's UL 181B-FX listed, helping to make every job code-complaint.

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    Sink Accessories Built In

    The Galley Sink offers a stainless steel sink that can be accessorized with a range of sliding cutting boards, bowls, and other features to meet the needs of any cook.

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    Flex Filler for Wood

    Flex-Tec HV epoxy is designed for strength and flexibility, offering modeling and tooling properties that make it handy for repairing natural wood and other materials.

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    Classic American

    Weather Shield’s new Premium Series hinged patio door is traditionally designed with simulated divided lite low-E glass and oil-rubbed bronze multi-point locks.

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    Euro-Style Sliding Door

    The PanoramicView series from Zola Windows offers easy operation and durability with reduced frame thickness.

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    Natural Engineered Flooring

    Eco-Strand three-ply engineered flooring is made with whole small-diameter Aspen trees, which rapidly renew. A sawn-cut veneer creates a distinct wood grain top layer.

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    Micro Concrete Coating

    Trowel-Top is designed for concrete resurfacing and repair and is simply troweled over existing concrete to create a smooth finish prior to applying stains or dyes.

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    Flex Can Cover

    Developed specifically for covering recessed can lights, CanCoverIt is designed to be easy to transport and not require any assembly.

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    Ipe Alternative for Decks

    Abaco, a tight-grained hardwood comparable to ipe, offers another decking option for homeowners who want to use wood.



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    Pam Tite Hot-Melt Adhesive System

    Bill Robinson reviews the HB 220 industrial glue gun and Pam Tite thermoplastic adhesives.

  • Collomix Xo 1 Hand-Held Mixer

    Collomix Xo 1 Hand- Held Mixer

    This easy-to-use mixer is handy for a wide range of mixing jobs from paint and plaster to adhesives, ready-mixed mortar, and other coatings.

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    Mastering Wood Movement

    This Taunton Press book is an invaluable reference packed with information about working with wood.

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    Ladder Safety App

    This free app from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health offers a handy way to determine ladder angles to ensure safety.

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    Festool Track Saw Recall

    Festool is recalling its TS 55 REQ Cut Track Saw due to a potential problem with the saw's plunge mechanism.



  • An in-progress shot of the construction of the dome's outer shell.

    A Dome of One’s Own

    Buckminster Fuller popularized the geodesic dome. He even lived in one himself. But although Bucky's dome home has many things to commend it, being watertight is not one of them.


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    Mysterious Leak in Roof Membrane on a ' Butterfly Roof'

    In solving the mystery of an ongoing but elusive leak in a Colorado roof, Steve Clisset sees how a tiny leak can cause major problems.

  • Personal Computer R.I.P.

    Joe Stoddard offers tips and app suggestions so you can effectively manage your business using your smartphone or tablet.

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    App of the Month: Cloud Magic

    Looking for a single gateway to all your company's data? The CloudMagic app lets you view, search, and act on your data--email, contacts, files, calendar, etc.--scattered across various services from multiple devices.

  • From Field to Office

    Experts Melanie Hodgdon and Tim Faller offer tips on how to make this transition as smoothly and effectively as possible.

  • Out to Lunch

    Human resources consultant Douglas Delp offers guidance for determining whether you're required to pay employees during their short breaks and lunch times.