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  • Letters

    Contractor education requirements, bolts for attaching sills to foundations, energy-saving tips, sprinkler mandate

  • JLC July Letters

    Roofing with asphalt shingles, bias against vocational education, working with caulk guns.


In the News

  • Can the Housing Market Recover?

    Sales of newly built homes surged last month to the highest level since 2008. But overall the housing market's slipped.



  • Alternative Stair Designs

    When building a house with a loft accessed by a code-compliant stair, does a second, unorthodox, stair that leads to the same loft space have to comply with code as well?

  • Head - Greta_ Medium_20/19

    What are the guidelines for determining box size, and how can you prevent overcrowding?

  • Venting a Sewage Ejector Tank

    What is the proper way to vent a system that uses a sewage ejector tank?

  • Building a Bollard

    What are the engineering requirements for a bollard in a residential garage?


On the Job


  • The Pitfalls of Hybrid Estimating

    A look at three ways to create an estimate, with varying proportions of labor, materials, and subcontractors.

  • Probationary Period for New Hires

    Be careful: Probationary periods may jeopardize your company's at-will employment policy.

  • No Written Change Order?

    Your contract requires written change orders, but for some reason you don't get one in writing. Can you still get paid?

  • Risk goes up the more a job differs from a typical project. To calculate disaster potential, multiply the first three columns, then divide by the last two in succession.

    Four Common Delusions

    Contractors are often their own worst enemies. Here are four ways they make it harder for their businesses to succeed.




  • OSB App

    A free app helps users troubleshoot OSB problems on the jobsite.

  • Door Saver

    The oversize nickel-plated reinforcing plate, bracket, and screws can be used to repair or prevent damage to the jamb.

  • Knife Groove

    Installs in any countertop to keep sharp blades at hand.

  • Solid Footing

    An extra-large platform allows the user to face in any direction.

  • Polypropylene Deck Ledger Spacer

    Mounted behind the deck ledger, Deck2Wall spacers promote air circulation and prevent debris from collecting.

  • Quad-Glazed Windows

    Several glazing options are available, including R-15 quad glazing.

  • Custom Storage

    Uprights support up to 150 pounds per square foot.

  • Digital Lock

    Let your clients unlock their doors using Bluetooth technology.

  • Hip Vent

    A new low-profile vent is designed for hip roofs.

  • Asphalt-Free Underlayment

    According to its maker, the material helps to prevent wood flooring from cupping and buckling.

  • Light Slide

    Designed for portability, this saw is compact and lightweight.

  • Energy-Efficient Entry

    Thicker headers and side rails, foam-filled channels, and dual perimeter seals improve energy efficiency.

  • Low-Impact Footing

    The Diamond Pier system consists of a precast concrete head, which you install at the ground surface, and steel bearing pins that you drive through the head into the ground.

  • Simplified Soffits

    Simpliframe offers an alternative to wood-framed soffits, allowing you to create a variety of soffit shapes and sizes.

  • PVC Decking Plugs

    A special tool and pre-made plugs help speed up the process of screwing down and plugging PVC deck boards.

  • Lighter Concrete Sinks

    Concrete is reinforced with jute fibers for a lightweight, crack-resistant sink.

  • Smooth Ride

    Gentle closing action saves fingers from getting caught between the door and the door jamb.

  • i-Lighting Iluma Hardscape Retrofit Lighting

    Strips with removable LED lights are designed to be added to existing outdoor masonry features.

  • QuietWalk Floor Underlayment

    Also available in 360-square-foot contractor rolls, this synthetic substrate for laminate floors is designed to inhibit sound transmission.

  • Hard-Wear Paint

    In both exterior and interior versions, colorants are completely free of VOCs.

  • Product of the Day: Milawaukee Tool Jobsite Backpack

    Haul what you need, where you need it, hands-free with this clever case

  • MFM Offers Underlayment Co-Branding Program

    Could co-branding be the right extension for your marketing efforts? These underlayments let you shout your name from the rooftops.

  • NativeStone Sinks Offer Beauty with Heft

    Formed from modified concrete, Native Trail’s new line of kitchen and bath sinks blends style, sturdiness, and sustainability.

  • Sealant With Stretch

    The new Quad Max formula offers strong adhesion to a wider variety of building materials as well as greater stretch than other sealants, the manufacturer says.

  • Super-Efficient Hybrid

    This Prestige Series water heater is the most efficient the company has offered to date.

  • Washable Dust Barrier

    A portable dust-wall-in-a-box, the pack includes seven reusable nylon panels that zip together on the jobsite.




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