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On the Job



  • Low-Impact Footing

    The Diamond Pier system consists of a precast concrete head, which you install at the ground surface, and steel bearing pins that you drive through the head into the ground.

  • Simplified Soffits

    Simpliframe offers an alternative to wood-framed soffits, allowing you to create a variety of soffit shapes and sizes.

  • PVC Decking Plugs

    A special tool and pre-made plugs help speed up the process of screwing down and plugging PVC deck boards.

  • Lighter Concrete Sinks

    Concrete is reinforced with jute fibers for a lightweight, crack-resistant sink.

  • Smooth Ride

    Gentle closing action saves fingers from getting caught between the door and the door jamb.

  • i-Lighting Iluma Hardscape Retrofit Lighting

    Strips with removable LED lights are designed to be added to existing outdoor masonry features.

  • QuietWalk Floor Underlayment

    Also available in 360-square-foot contractor rolls, this synthetic substrate for laminate floors is designed to inhibit sound transmission.

  • Hard-Wear Paint

    In both exterior and interior versions, colorants are completely free of VOCs.




  • Restored to a semblance of its former glory, the Pickle Barrel Housenow a museumawaits the arrival of the painting crew.

    Roll Out the Barrel House

    A former summer camp whose design came straight from the funny pages gets a new life as a museum.


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