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  • Cool Tools for 2014

    Bar-raising products from the annual Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association trade show

  • After the Boulder Flood

    When the flooding stops, the cleanup begins.

  • Layout for Tile Floors

    Proper layout doesn’t just mean a good-looking floor; it can save you material and installation time as well.




On the Job

  • Basement Stairs Transplant

    Stacking the basement stairs under the stairs to the second floor opens up the living space.

  • Working With Roxul Insulation

    Choosing insulation for a high-performance home in Northern Vermont requires thought and care. The right choice can make a huge difference in both comfort and cost efficiency.



  • Have Job Will Travel

    Unless an employee is driving to or from home, he needs to be paid for travel time.

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    Author Rank and SEO

    For top online search ranking, be a subject matter expert.

  • Personal Dashboard

    Setting up a single screen with your calendar, email, and links to your favorite websites can save you hours of surfing.



  • Wet Set Epoxy

    Formulated for adhering threaded rod and reinforcing bar into concrete.

  • Snap-In Storms

    These sturdy inserts are custom made.

  • Small Home Tankless

    A gas-fired condensing unit with an Energy Factor of 0.94 for both NG and LP fuels.

  • Adjustable Humidty

    A screwdriver is all you need to make adjustments to this state-of-the-art sensor.

  • Tileable Drain

    Covering support consists of a stainless steel plate with a coating that allows bonding to ceramic or stone tile.

  • Bridging for Drywall Studs

    Can be installed with a single screw and is compatible with conventional and proprietary drywall studs.

  • Precut Flashing

    Should make it easier to flash electrical boxes and other penetrations.

  • Vapor Open Monolith

    Vapor migrates in and out by passing along a molecular chain in the membrane.

  • Walk the Plank

    Mimics the hardwood planks seen in older docks and jetties.

  • Variable Heat

    "Full Flame" burner technology varies the air-fuel ratios to generate more or less heat while still maintaining a strong flame.

  • Affordable Prep Sink

    Each sink has a 90-degree ledge pressed into the front and back that converts it to a food-prep center.

  • Stands Up to Salt

    Engineered for corrosive environments, such as right on the ocean.



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