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  • March 2015 Letters

    Readers weigh in on how best to provide high-school graduates access to good-paying, higher-skilled jobs in the trades. Also, read about using Diamond Piers, and how retrofitting houses suits one remodeler's appreciation of history.

  • February 2015 Letters

    Installing stone veneer along a sloped roofline; additional photos of the project written about in "Building an Eyebrow Dormer" (Dec/14)


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  • Moisture in Fat Walls—A Closer Look

    Researchers monitor temperature and moisture in a house for three winters to see whether 12 inches of dense-blown cellulose would work as well as the same thickness of medium-density open-cell spray foam.

  • During commissioning, gauges are hooked up to the compressor to monitor evacuation and add R410A refrigerant. Here the tech prepares the 4-conductor wire that runs to the indoor head.

    Minisplit Installation on an Interior Wall

    Much less expensive to install than an oil-fired hot-water heating system, minisplits are extremely efficient too

  • EETD's Kitchen Test facility - fume hood testing. EETD Researcher Woody Delp - 05/22/2013.

    The Science of Kitchen Ventilation

    Cooking causes indoor air pollution. The obvious answer is to install, and use, a range hood and fan, but how well do they really work?




  • Makita's Drywall Installation Kit

    If you're still plugged into the wall, you might be surprised by how much this cordless drywall router and screw gun improve your productivity.

  • Milwaukee M12 Fuel Hackzall

    Even if you own a full-size recip, you'll frequently find yourself reaching for this lightweight, compact, and surprisingly powerful saw.

  • Props for Stabila’s Cross- Line Laser

    Sturdy enough to stand up to jobsite abuse, this cross-line laser can be used for plumbing walls, setting windows, leveling ceilings, and more.



  • Spite Houses

    Modern building codes and zoning have mostly eliminated the practice of retributive home building, though vindictive paint jobs are apparently still on the street.

  • Carpenter Gothic

    The carpentry that inspired an iconic American painting.


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