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  • February 2015 Letters

    Installing stone veneer along a sloped roofline; additional photos of the project written about in "Building an Eyebrow Dormer" (Dec/14)

  • January 2015 Letters

    Plan for reroofing when installing step flashing and counterflashing on a stucco house


In the News

  • Fire Storm: Is Light Framing at Risk?

    Lawmakers respond to the devastating Edgewater fire. Are they just blowing smoke or could these bills affecting multifamily housing ever come to pass?



On the Job


  • An App That Changed the Way I Work

    Using an online scheduling app for sales calls improves productivity while providing prospective customers with a better experience.

  • When the Customer Is the Owner

    Having the company perform work for the owner is essentially the same as taking money out of the company and should be recorded that way in the financials.

  • Incorporated? It’s Not Enough

    Incorporating your business shields you from attacks on your household—so long as you keep business separate from personal.






  • Carpenter Gothic

    The carpentry that inspired an iconic American painting.

  • Floating Islands

    With a thick, three-dimensional plastic mesh made from recycled plastic water bottles as their structural base, these artificial islands can be up to an acre in size.


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