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  • Safety: Better See to It

    A partnership between Prevent Blindness America and the Uvex brand empowers workers to promote eye safety.

  • It’s a Breeze

    Move fresh air in and hazardous fumes out of jobsites with technology used by fire departments for smoke removal.

  • On Your Toes

    Tough construction lets these boots weather the roughest jobsites.

  • Straight Up

    Secure a ladder to the house for added safety when you're working at height.

  • Road Work

    Turn your truck into a mobile workstation with Chevy's Silverado with high-speed Wi-Fi.

  • Reach for the Sky

    Achieve easier access to work at height indoors or outdoors with the 20-foot reach of the PowerLift personnel platform.

  • Cap It Off

    Built-in toolboxes and a wide range of accessories come together in this finishing touch for any work truck.

  • Plow Through

    Clear the way this winter with a heavy-duty snowblower that plows through the white stuff with less fuel, less noise, and less vibration.

  • Granite Savings

    Prefabricated granite tops are a cost-effective alternative to custom slab counters.

  • Bye-Bye, Ball of Wax

    A new polyurethane toilet gasket eliminates mess and conforms to all toilet flanges for worry-free installation.

  • Back to the Wall: Geberit In-Wall Carrier System

    With just four connections needed for isntallation, the In-Wall Carrier System simplifies installation of wall-mounted toilets for remodeling or new construction.

  • High Point: Mansfield Summit Dual-Flush Toilet

    The popular Summit 3 toilet is now available as a dual-flush model.

  • Turning Japanese: Inax Eco-X Series Toilets

    Discharging all its water at once in a whirlpool effect beginning below the rim, Eco-X Series toilets clean the bowl from the top down.

  • Look, Ma, No Tools: American Standard Saver Toilet

    With tool-free installation, Saver toilets deliver high-efficiency water savings and require only hand-tightening to install.

  • Off the Rack

    At just 12 pounds, these solar roofing modules don't require structural reinforcement and stilll resist wind uplift.

  • Grace Vycor enV Fully Adhered Weather-Resistive Barrier

    Roller- or spray-applied, Vycor enV covers all seams and fasteners in sheathing and serves as a premeable vapor barrier while protecting homes against air and water intrusion.

  • Mixing It Up

    Recycled content in Mixology and all of the maker's other tile lines is now SCS-certified.

  • Put a Coat On

    Reduce wall temperatures with this heat-reflective paint designed to reflect radiant heat.

  • Comparing Cloud-Based Apps

    The type of company you operate and the kind of work you do should guide your choice of cloud-based applications and services.

  • Apply Yourself

    Three remodeler-friendly apps for you smartphone: BuildCalc, BeamBuddy, and DesignEasy Joists.

  • Be a Square

    Accepting credit and debit card payments via your smartphone or iPad is convenient, green, and social. Is it right for your business?

  • Relate to Me

    A CRM system is essential for a remodelr. Here's a short list of key CRM capabilities.

  • Virtual Office, Sweet

    Joe Stoddard looks at what Google Docs has to offer for your virtual office.

  • Setting up Your Virtual Office

    Hosted Internet services can take on the task of your server. Here's how.

  • Value-Added

    Ways to maximize the effectiveness of your Web presence.