Alternative Materials

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BioPCM: Smart Thermal Mass Using Phase Change Material

Small pockets of waxy material with a controlled melting point passively store and... More

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The Next Big Thing Isn't a Gadget

HIVE speaker Blaine Brownell explains where the future of residential building is... More

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Transparent Wood

Swedish scientists are giving new meaning to wood windows More

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Retrofitting a Foundation for Problem Soils

Helical piers and a grade beam form a solid foundation for attaching a large... More

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Fabric Screens Offer Alternative Wind Protection
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Surviving Wildfire

Five Southern California "shelter in place" communities have proven they can stand... More

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No More Bids: Switching to Negotiated Contracts

I used to run my business the way most contractors do: I'd visit potential clients... More

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Unvented attics meet code; mystery setup; the joy of SIPs; safety-story feedback; more More

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