Architectural Mesh

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A Room for All Seasons

Enclosing an old porch adds much-needed floor space. More

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Masonry Through-Wall Flashing at Windows

Enclosing an open second-story deck above a kitchen with through-wall flashing... More

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A New Interior for an Antique House

Addressing structural issues first made the interior finish work easier. More

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Squirrels and Cedar Siding

We installed untreated cedar shingles on the exterior walls of a vacation home in central Maryland. Now the owners are complaining that squirrels are eating the new siding. And the squirrels really are eating it - they're not just trying to get inside the house. Is there anything we can apply to the siding to discourage them? More

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Concrete Without Steel?

Q: Does the addition of fibers eliminate the need for steel in a concrete-slab basement floor? More

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The Ultimate Work Trailer

This custom-made rig stores tools and supplies, hauls material, and serves as a... More

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Straw-Bale Vault

It's not every day that a world-famous artist asks you to design and build a... More

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Basement finishing; brick & masonry; hvac grilles & registers More

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Tiling a Curved Wall

Q. Tiling a Curved Wall We've been asked to build a semicircular bathroom with tiled walls. What should we use as a substrate to cover the curved wall, which will have about a 12- to 18-foot radius, and what should we use to waterproof behind it? More

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Mice and Insulation

Q. Is there any way to can keep mice out of insulation? I am working on a remote cabin in southern Illinois, and the mice seem to come and go at will. I'm getting ready to insulate another room and I don't want to provide new places for the rodents to nes More

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