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Basement Windows

What the code requires for windows in a basement. More

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A Basement Floor Without Concrete

With the right prep work, a double layer of OSB might be better than a slab More

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New Access for an Old Basement

Updated materials and good sealing mean a longer-lasting door and warmer basement More

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The drain-waste-vent (DWV) system is the first plumbing to be installed in a house. It includes the sewer lines, building drain lines, fixture traps and plumbing vents. More

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A Flush-Framed Floor to Maximize Space

Eliminating a dropped beam and a brick pier in a basement remodel required the use... More

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Planning Ahead for Combustion Air

When tucking a fuel-burning appliance into a small utility room, provide... More

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Panned Bays

Is it OK to use a joist bay for a return-air plenum in an HVAC system? More

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