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No-Leak Membrane for Concrete Footings

The Delta Footing Barrier is a three-ply impermeable membrane that goes on top of... More

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A Rot-Resistant Chimney Chase

I do quite a bit of siding rehab work, much of it on relatively new houses. More

Tags: Fireplaces, Rooftop Accessories, Siding, Walls, Roofing
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No-Leak Masking Tape

3M’s latest masking tape, ScotchBlue Advanced, has a moisture-activated additive... More

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Spiral Stair Rail from a Tube

Spiral stair rail More

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Garage doors; heat-reflecting shingles; hurricane-resistant glass walls; clay... More

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Retrofitting Exterior Insulation

Adding rigid foam to the outside of the shell dramatically increases R-value while... More

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Nail Stains and Mahogany Decking

Q: The mahogany decking we installed on a house last year has developed some dark... More

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Sealing a Garage Floor

Q: A customer asked me about sealing a brand-new garage slab to keep oil drips from penetrating the concrete, in case she decides to have the slab finish-painted in the future. Is this necessary? What product should we use? More

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Brick Staining

Q. Some of the brickwork on a house I built has developed a white stain that resembles efflorescence but is limited to only two areas: a mailbox and a window. The gutter above the window overflows occasionally, but the water doesn't appear to actually fal More

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Drip-Edge and Roofing Membranes

Q. Drip-Edge and Roofing Membranes When using peel-and-stick roofing membranes, does it matter if the membrane goes under rather than over the metal drip edge at the eaves? In my work as a home inspector, I've noticed that these membranes get installed bo More

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