Boring, Bursting, Jacking and Ramming

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To the Lighthouse

It's not your typical summer-home renovation, but you can't beat the view. More

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Crescent Connect Modular Clamp System

Each clamp in the Crescent Connect Modular Clamp System has 500 pounds of holding... More

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Steam Heat vs. Hydronic Heat

A reader ponders whether to stick with steam or convert to hydronic. More

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Proposal to Require Hot Water Pipe Insulation

To curtail wasted water and energy, the NRDC and the UA propose that all hot water piping systems in new buildings be insulated, such as those serving lavatories, showers, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks. More

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Cold Snap Brings A Rash Of Fire Sprinkler Freezes And Breaks

December’s hard freeze wreaked havoc with fire sprinkler pipes in parts of the United States. More

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Dimension Tools Bullet Mole

Boring a utility access hole under a sidewalk or driveway is hard work and often... More

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