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Substituting Solar Panels for Insulation in the Energy Code

The ERI path allows buildings to comply with the energy code in a completely... More

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Santa Monica Approves World's First Net Zero Building Requirement

All new construction in the City of Santa Monica may have to meet the requirement... More

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A Practical Guide to Building in Seismic Zones

Steel and framing hardware requirements demand a whole new approach to foundation... More

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New Building Codes for Corpus Christie

Corpus Christie, Texas, is adopting the 2015 I-Codes effective September 1. Here's... More

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A Deck Built to Fail

Flashing, fastening, framing - you name it, it all needed to be fixed. More

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Galvanized Roofing Nails: How Durable?

Miami-Dade has suspended approval of some electroplated nails after University of... More

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Fire Separation Walls

These code-required assemblies can complicate construction, but they can also help... More

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Top Code Violations
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Top Ten Code Violations

Pay close attention to these to avoid failing inspections More

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