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Surviving Wildfire

Five Southern California "shelter in place" communities have proven they can stand... More

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Can a Power Vent Supplement Ridge Venting?

Q: Would an attic that has a properly sized and installed soffit and ridge venting system benefit from the installation of a power vent? More

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Air Leaks: Hidden Moisture Movers

Along the coast where wind-blown rain is a regular weather feature, it's no... More

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Does Drenched Insulation Dry Out

Q: A winter's worth of rain fell on a large hillside home we're building before we could complete the roof. Though we tarped the project, rainwater seeped through the first-floor decking and into the floor framing of a basement wine cellar. I suspect that More

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Water Woes - Foundation Resource - Durable Decks? More

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Insulating Unvented Attics With Spray Foam

Closed-cell polyurethane foam provides the insulation, air barrier, and vapor... More

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Green Alternatives to Traditional Building Materials

Q: I live in northern coastal California, in the heart of the redwoods. We're currently remodeling a simple structure (in a highly visible town-square location) into an elaborately detailed storefront, in keeping with the surrounding 1880s architecture. While all the vintage storefronts (and their framing) are constructed of old-growth redwood, we would like to use modern alternatives — such as engineered products — that would be more environmentally responsible. Since the exterior will be painted, the panels, columns, and crown and detail moldings can be built with any product that will withstand our moist climate. Do you have any recommendations? More

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Personal Guaranty of Business Debt

Most credit applications contain a personal guaranty. In this one, it's clearly... More

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Alternative Materials and Code

I can just hear your response to that topic: "Code enforcement officers are... More

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