Building Performance

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Air Conditioning for Humid Climates

Air-sealing, right-sizing, and smart controls are the keys More

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Testing Flashing Tapes

CHECK OUT OUR NEW UPDATED BLOG SITE - In this video Matt visits the University of Texas Construction Durability Testing lab that'... More

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Rev Up the Vapor Engine

In the ongoing debate over which is better: plywood or OSB? what Joe Lstiburek... More

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Vapor Retarders and Continuous Exterior Insulation

Dr. Joe's right, this isn't a complicated building code issue. Except that it is. More

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Substituting Solar Panels for Insulation in the Energy Code

The ERI path allows buildings to comply with the energy code in a completely... More

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How Buildings Age

Joe Lstiburek provides the deep background on moisture's effects on buildings over... More

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Work With WAP? Apply Here.

There's an opportunity to take the BPI exam for free. More

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A Habitat Energy Makeover

Donated labor and materials made this building-science feat feasible More

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