Building Technology

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Podcast Explores Home Building's Future

Free six-part series looks at factory-built construction, panelization, 3D... More

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The Ikea of Housing?

If Maura McCarthy is right, America's ready for net-zero, modular homes. More

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Building an Efficient House in a Hot Climate

The Texas sun is blazing where I build in Austin. Here are four tips for building... More

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Building Science Summer Camp 2014

This summer, about 500 of brightest minds in the science of construction attended... More

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That's About the Size of It

Where does the Lowe's ruling on lumber labeling leave those of us in the construction industry? More

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Mixed Reality: The Future of Building Design?

Is augmented reality just a smart-phone party trick or could it be solace for an... More

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Printing Houses

Printing a house, I wonder what the local code official and the historical... More

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