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Creative Mines Monsoon Craft Board Form

Raw materials bring important performance characteristics to this new stone veneer... More

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The Best Way to Finish an Exterior Wooden Door

Exterior doors take a beating from both frequent use and the elements. Here's how to provide a lasting clear finish on an exterior door. More

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Ragno Woodstyle Porcelain Tile

Available in four "species," these tiles mimic the look of wood. More

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Retrofitting an Oversize Door in Structural Brick

A row house gets a new, 900-pound, triple-glazed slider. More

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A Cabinet Becomes a Door

The correct hinge and clever carpentry make a closet door disappear into the... More

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Building a Wooden Screen Door

How to make a custom storm door out of rot-resistant wood such as white oak or... More

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Setting Kitchen Cabinets

A guide to problem-free installation More

Tags: Cabinets, Kitchen, Best Practices, Appliances, Casework
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A Look Through European Windows

A behind-the-scenes look at the materials and methods used in making... More

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Communities Mandate the Removal of Wood Roofing

In an effort to curb the risk of wildfire destroying homes, more and more western communities push for the removal of existing wood roofing. More

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EPA's Wood Smoke Plan Draws Fire

Are the wood stoves allowed under the EPA's proposed wood smoke plan too costly? Depends on how you calculate the cost. More

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