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Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber-cement siding is dimensionally stable, holds paint well and, unlike wood and wood-composites, won’t cup, shrink, or swell. More

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November 2014 Letters

Emailing proposals; strapping ceilings; caulking fiber-cement joints More

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Sierra Premium Fiber-Cement Shakes From Nichiha

Shakes are now available pre-primed or prefinished in one of three... More

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Skinnier Shakes

Fiber-cement siding manufacturer Nichiha recently introduced a low-priced line of... More

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A Fiber-Cement Sunburst

Full-scale layout simplifies the process of cutting the tapered clapboards. More

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Remodeling opportunities abound; weatherization wages too low; in defense of vinyl siding; more More

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Back-Priming Fiber-Cement Siding

Q: We ordered preprimed HardiePlank lap siding to finish a project, but when it was delivered, we discovered that the backs were left unprimed. Normally, we back-prime wood clapboards, but I'm not sure this step is needed with fiber-cement siding, and the manufacturer's Web site is mute on the subject. Is back-priming necessary? More

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Best Nails for Drywall

Q: I can't find the blued ring-shank drywall nails I started hanging drywall with... More

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Clips for flat tiles; mounting blocks; aluminum-and-glass railing; crawlspace ventilation; fibercement siding panels; more More

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Mudsills and Out-of-Level Foundations

Recently we contracted to do a house with precast foundation walls that were set out of level - up to 3/4 inch over 30 feet, in some places. What's the best way to shim and air-seal the mudsill? More

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