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A Passive House Consultant's Toolkit

In addition to the training, here are the tools you'll need to design a Passive... More

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Screw-Head Portraiture

A hybrid of painting and sculpture, Andrew Myers' portraits use screw heads to create remarkable artwork. More

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Soundproofing Outdoor Generators and Condensers

Special mounts, acoustic blankets, and properly sized barriers are all part of the... More

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Framing; door hardware More

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Can Property Owners Sue Subs?

Some time ago in Colorado, a property owner hired a contractor to construct a building. Not long after it was completed, a heavy snowfall caused the roof to collapse. The property owner did what you would expect him to do: He sued the contractor. But he also sued every sub who had ever set foot on the job site. More

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Transport; job-site security More

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Limits on Outlets

Q. How many receptacles can I put on a 15-amp and a 20-amp circuit? More

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Determining Labor Productivity Rates

I recently asked the participants in jlconline's Estimating and Takeoff forum what part of the estimating process was most difficult for them. The nearly unanimous answer was "estimating labor costs." More

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