Company Culture

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Northeast Coastal Towns Mull House Size Restrictions
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Strictly Business: Effective employee reviews

Effective employee reviews More

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Strictly Business: Building a team

Building a team More

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A Spreadsheet Primer

This screen-by-screen tutorial will help you get more mileage out of your spreadsheet program, regardless of the task. More

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Q&A: Why Are 2x12s Rated Lower Than 2x6s?

Q: Recently I needed structural design values (E, Fb, Fv) for treated southern yellow pine. So I referred to a publication from the Southern Pine Council, which indicated that while E (modulus of elasticity) and Fv (allowable shear stress) remain constant, Fb (bending strength) values grow smaller as the lumber dimension grows larger. The values for Number 2 SYP are listed in the chart, below. Why does the Fb change with the lumber size? Also, does treating lumber with a preservative (such as CCA) change the design values? More

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Practical Engineering: Designing Overhanging Joists

Sizing overhanging joists More

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Q&A: Applying Clapboards on a Curved Wall

Q: I am trying to put 1/2x4-inch redwood beveled siding on a wall with a 4-ft. 8-... More

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Practical Engineering: Sizing Stiff Floor Girders

Building bounce-free floor girders More

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Q&A: Long-Reach Drywall Fasteners

Q: When installing drywall over existing wall finishes, we often need to use long fasteners to reach the underlying framing members. Can galvanized roofing nails be used to fasten drywall in these situations? More

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