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What I Like: Clear Estimates Software

Two remodelers have gained productivity and won new jobs thanks to software with... More

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New Computer System Snarls Workers Comp In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania workers comp cases are in limbo because a new computer system, introduced to increase efficiency, is having the opposite effect. More

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Using Save-and-Sync for Backup and More

Online backup systems like Carbonite and MozyPro do a great job of protecting your... More

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Ready-to-Go Blower Door

The Minneapolis Blower Door comes equipped with everything needed to measure... More

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Robotic Transit for Perfect Foundation Layouts

Although precise methods for layout have existed for thousands of years, not... More

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Job-Costing With Quicken

Pushing this inexpensive checkbook program to its limits can give you a simple,... More

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Raising rafter ties; computer help; venting reminder; more More

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Coleman Cable Eco-Logical Smart Strip Surge Protector

Phantom loads cost electric-utility customers $3 billion annually. More

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Using a Tablet Computer

You write on it like a legal pad, but it has the computing and communication power... More

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