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Could Concrete Cure the Climate?

Concrete absorbs carbon dioxide, studies say—and over time, concrete could be a... More

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Crumbling Basements Blamed on Mineral in Aggregate

A research report sheds some light on the chemical causes of foundation failures... More

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Best Flashing for Concrete?

Aluminum should be avoided, but what else can you use for flashing with concrete? More

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Foundation Wall Pour for an Urban Infill Project

JLC follows the action as a concrete crew places the foundation for a four-unit... More

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Concrete in Cold Weather: Research Drives Advances

Improvements in concrete chemistry and field practice are pushing the envelope for... More

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Multifamily Project Profile: A January Slab Pour

The onset of freezing weather hasn't stopped New England contractors from pouring... More

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New Research: Cold Weather Concrete

Slabs and basements in freezing weather? Now more than ever. More

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Concrete for an ICF Foundation

ICF wall defects are usually caused by poor placement practices. But the right... More

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Precast Walls Above Ground

Precast concrete panels offer speed, strength, and durability More

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