Concrete Construction

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Skilsaw Medusa

Here's a first look at the latest worm drive from Skilsaw - the "Medusaw" is dedicated to scoring and cutting concrete, brick, and other masonry surfaces. It... More

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Wood High-Rises In Canada? Not So Fast, Says The Concrete Industry

A proposal to allow six-story wood construction has opposition in Canada. More

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Attaching Wood to Concrete

Q: Do I have to use pressure-treated lumber when I'm attaching wood to concrete or masonry in "dry" situations - such as inside a basement or under the protection of a covered porch? I seem to remember from reading the code that treated wood is only required within a certain distance from grade. More

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Durable Footer Form

Cardboard forms work fine as long as it doesn't rain before the concrete arrives. More

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Replacing a Slab Foundation

When the original builder flubs a foundation, someone else has to clean up the mess. More

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Caliburn Concrete Screws

In addition to typical high-low drive threads, GRK’s Caliburn concrete screws have... More

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Wet-Set Mudsills

With careful layout, placing sills directly into the wet concrete can save time. More

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In the News

Construction emissions face scrutiny in California; paint-related lawsuits... More

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Curing Concrete in Hot Weather

Q. I've recently moved my contracting business to the South. Concrete finishers here tell me that a slab poured outside on a hot day won't cure properly unless it's kept wet. They do this by having someone periodically spray the slab with water from a hos More

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