Concrete Vibrating Machines

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Small-Scale Concrete Vibrator

Until now, if you wanted to vibrate a small concrete pour, you either rented a... More

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Makita BVR450 and BVR850 Vibrators

Bug holes and honeycombing in your concrete work compromise strength and can lead... More

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Tool Test: Compact Rotary Hammers

The best tools hit hard, drill fast, and stop immediately if the bit jams. More

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Tool Test: 6-Inch Right-Angle Sanders

From stripping varnish to fine sanding, right-angle sanders do it all. More

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Q&A: Solid Floor Blocking

Q: In the search for a bounce-free floor, does either solid blocking or cross-bridging do anything to reduce the vibration caused by foot traffic? I haven’t been able to sense a difference between blocked or bridged floors and those without blocking or bridging. Consequently, I haven’t used either technique on my floor systems for several years. More

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Compacting Problem Soils

Improper soil compaction leads to a host of concrete failures, from cracked pavements and slabs to leaking basements and settling foundations. A concrete expert tells how to avoid these problems by identifying the soil type, using the proper amount of moisture during compaction, and choosing the right kind of compaction equipment. More

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Toolbox: Custom Hot Rod Table Saw

Contractor table saw upgrade kit More

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Practical Engineering: Shake Rattle & Roll: Vibrations in Long Spans

Vibration in long floor spans More

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